January 29, 2019

Empowering the youth through advocacy programs

We believe in our youth as the next generation of advocates for water issues. However, our youth can’t help a problem they’re not aware, which is why we are striving to make a difference through youth advocacy projects and education. Everybody Water wants to reach younger generations by spreading awareness throughout classrooms and playgrounds. We want children to learn about other communities beyond their individual environment. By creating fun, engaging and exciting events and educational series for our youth, we hope they will become eager to advocate for change. The result? Changing the world (and our future) one drop at a time.

What We Do:

Everybody Water brought our non-profit partner, Water1st International, to the Boston area this Fall to educate students at eight schools on the global water crisis... and show them how they can become part of the solution. We also kickstarted the Water1st Boston Youth Club at Seabird Cafe in Cohasset, MA, where students came together to learn how to become Changemakers. This group now meets monthly to learn more about access to water and sanitation in developing countries and further their understanding of how Water1st International successfully tackles ones of the world’s biggest challenges of bringing clean water and sanitation systems into communities in need. These teens are developing their voices for advocacy and planning ways they too can make an impact by raising awareness and supporting Water1st.

The Effect:

The more you know, the more you grow. Young people are the driving force for generating change. By creating awareness about important topics, we can inspire youth, their peers, and their parents to think of ways to improve our world. To learn more about Water1st Boston Youth Club, school curriculum, and how you, friends and family can get involved, click here.

Help Us Help You:

Calling all schools, organizations and creative minds! If you have an idea for Everybody Water that you think we would like, please reach out to us at If you know of classroom advisors, event organizers, or teachers that would appreciate connecting with Everybody Water, let us know! We believe that the minds we reach in classroom settings are integral for comprehension outside its doors. Furthermore, the hearts we touch can only create positive change in the world. We’re always looking for innovative ways to reconstruct external habits. Do you want to be included in Everybody Water’s advocacy activities? Don’t be a stranger, email us and say hello!

Carly Quellman

Author: Carly Quellman

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