Our Story

Founders Kimberly Reilly and Megan Hayes on site with Water 1st International in Honduras


We started out as mothers, neighbors and entrepreneurs who had a vision to make a difference in the world.

We saw an opportunity to engage people to help fund permanent solutions for clean water projects that have an enormous impact on peoples’ lives, especially women and girls.

We chose to put it in a carton because it’s the right thing to do.

We gave up our careers and invested our savings getting Everybody Water off the ground.

We travel to see the projects we fund. We meet the children and families whose lives are changed with clean water. We hope our passion inspires others to be part of the story.

"Together let’s change lives."

With Everybody Water, we hope to give people a more sustainable way to hydrate themselves, while bringing clean water systems to people around the world. Allowing women to earn an income, children to go to school, and families to thrive.

Join us in our mission to change the way we think about water.

Project: La Virtud, Honduras

We’re bringing clean, running water into the homes of 350 people in La Virtud, Honduras.

For the first time ever, these families will have clean running water, showers and toilets in their homes.

The women and children of La Virtud will spend more time at school, work and with their families building a future.

When everybody has clean water the possibilities are endless...

Give back

We support clean water projects in communities around the world.

Get to work

Water 1st International builds permanent clean water systems directly into homes for children and their families.

Track progress

We track each project we support so you can meet the people whose lives are changed.

Track Your Giving

Use the code on the side of your carton to learn more about the community project you make possible.