Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Everybody Water?

You can buy Everybody Water by the 12-pack case directly on our website and stores in MA and VT.

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When will Everybody Water be available in my area?

Right now, Everybody Water is available through our website and in stores in MA, NH and VT. We love your ideas on where you want to find Everybody Water! Email with location ideas so we can make our cartons available near you soon.

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Where is Everybody Water’s refreshing water from?

Our refreshing water comes from a community system in Saline, MI and is filtered by reverse osmosis.

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What is your carton made from?

Our carton's paperboard is a renewable material sourced from forests where trees are replenished and keep on growing. 100% of the paperboard in our Tetra Pak® cartons is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® and can be tracked back to a responsibly managed forest. Find out more and Our cartons are BPA free and Non-PET.

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What is your cap made from?

Our bio-based plastic caps from Tetra Pak® are made from sugarcane, a renewable resource. This helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the carton. Find out more

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Do the renewable materials in your carton lower the carbon footprint?

Yes, they preserve natural resources and have a lower carbon footprint. The trees and sugarcane used to make our cartons absorb CO2 and release oxygen, resulting in fewer greenhouse gasses. Find out more

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Is your carton 100% recyclable?

Yes, our cartons are 100% recyclable! Over 73.2 million households across the United States have access to carton recycling find out more please visit

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Why do your cartons need thin aluminum and polyethylene layers?

The aluminum foil is a barrier to light, flavor, and oxygen, which enables our refreshing water to last for months. The polyethylene acts as a water-tight barrier to the paperboard carton so it doesn’t fall apart. Find out more

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Why does Everybody Water support Water1st International?

We support Water1st International because they do an amazing job at ensuring clean water and sanitation projects are sustainable, and are really smart about how they help bring clean water systems to people who do not have it. The rate of long-term success of these projects is rare and impressive… Everybody Water has traveled and seen the results firsthand. Water1st is also selective in only bringing permanent clean water systems that bring running water, showers, and toilets directly into homes for children and their families for the first time in their lives! (not just pumps in villages that don’t fully solve problems) The projects also include the purchase of land to protect watersheds, as well as sanitation systems that help protect water supplies from contamination. Find out more please visit

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How does Everybody Water partner with Water1st International?

We support Water1st International to fund clean water infrastructure and sanitation projects around the world. Our first donation is bringing clean running water and sanitation into the homes of 350 people in La Virtud, Honduras. Everybody Water sponsors and supports Water 1st International’s youth engagement programs and we are actively building student education, involvement and advocacy, because youth is the future for change! To find out more please visit their website

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How can I become more involved in bringing clean water to communities who do not have it?

Water1st International offers a number of ways of getting involved through school curriculum, youth boards, personal campaigns, and water tours in various countries. To find out more please visit their website

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Who do I contact so I can distribute Everybody Water?

We'd love for you to sell Everybody Water! Your business will be making a difference in choosing to love the carton and following the clean water projects that Everybody Water supports for people who do not have it. Please mail us at

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How do I request a sponsorship or have Everybody Water at my next event?

We are excited to partner with people and companies who want everybody to have clean water and love the carton. Please email with some details.

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How can I get a copy of the water report?

Send us an email to and request the report. We will email you a copy.

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Still have questions?

If you have any other questions, we'd love to hear from you!

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