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Our refreshing, unflavored, premium water is filtered by reverse osmosis. Customers tell us they love the taste.

We source our water from a community system that flows directly into our filling facility where it goes through a multi-step filtration system to meet our taste standards. We don’t believe it is sustainable to be hauling around water in trucks from one place to another so we believe sourcing water where we package and filtering on-site makes a lot of sense. 

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Our cartons are recyclable.

Over 73.1 million households across the United States have access to carton recycling.   To find out more please visit recyclecartons.com.

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The paper in our paperboard is a renewable material sourced from forests where trees are replenished and keep on growing.

100% of the paper in our paperboard in our Tetra Pak® cartons Forest Stewardship Council® - certified meaning they come from responsibly managed-forests and other controlled sources. (FSC-N002851)  Find out more tetrapakusa.com and us.fsc.org/en-us.

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Our cartons are BPA free and Non-PET.

Our plant-based caps from Tetra Pak are made from sugarcane, a renewable material. This helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the carton. Find out more at tetrapakusa.com.


Everybody Water® believes it’s not enough to say you’re recyclable.

We consider the entire product lifecycle including how our plant-based cartons compare in the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and transport requirements to that of aluminum cans and plastic bottles. The renewable materials in the carton lower the carbon footprint because they preserve natural resources. The trees and sugarcane used to make our cartons absorb CO2 and release oxygen, resulting in fewer greenhouse gases. Find out more at tetrapakusa.com and us.fsc.org/en-us.

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Reducing carbon footprint.

The unfilled paperboard in our cartons is transported from the factory in paper rolls to the filling location which takes up much less space than unfilled round jars or bottles, significantly reducing the amount of trucks on the road and the associated CO2 emissions.

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Everybody Water is produced by a women-owned small business.

Dedicated to donating portions of revenue to supporting clean water infrastructure projects that bring water directly into homes to uplift women and girls globally so they no longer have to walk for water and instead can attend school, earn incomes, and thrive.

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Track Your Giving

Use the code on the side of your carton to learn more about the community project you make possible.